FREE coaching session


Let me first congratulate you for getting to this page. This clearly shows that you know how important coaching it is and that you are at least curios if not interested in having such an experience.

Because I have personally received a free coaching session and I know what a great experience that was, and knowing what great satisfaction I have from helping others,  I am offering my time and service so you can benefit from one on your own.

Now in case you are wondering why am I doing this. Here is the reason.

I am currently studying to become a certified coach, trainer and speaker in the John Maxwell Team and so I have learned a great deal of things that I now want to share with anyone who is interested if discovering more about themselves, about the power of coaching and why it is so important to help others.

Now, I will be doing this for a LIMITED period of time, so be sure to not miss out.


And because I don’t want you to take my word for granted I offer you a special gift from two of the persons I admire and actively following. Offer yourself the time to watch them in case you are still wondering if coaching is for you.


John Maxwell himself

Tony robbins:


I hope you enjoyed the videos and that you are as excited as I am to do this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your’s truly VM.


As I would like to provide the best possible service I am capable of, I will need some information about yourself and what have you done so far with your life and career, what your plans are and also what you feel is stopping you from achieving that, prior to our call. You can use the contact form below for this.

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